“Education is not a prize” was an advocacy campaign led by Educación 2020 —with the support of Centro de Justicia Educacional, América Solidaria and 10 other leading organizations in education. It gathered the support of people and institutions from the politics, academy and civic society. 

This initiative arises as a response to the “Just Admission” bill from the Government in 2018, aimed at re-establishing the right of public schools to select their students by grades and other criteria. “Education is not a prize” brought to the table technical arguments that supported this was a regression on reaching equity.

The campaign was launched in January 2019 and got 6.024 visits that day. One week later, it got 6.611 signatures to a petition (among supporters were 69 experts and authorities and 30 Congresspeople), which meant a 42% conversion rate (42% of who visited the landing page, signed the petition).

After a long debate in Congress, the “Just Admission” project was rejected. 


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